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There are so many topics regarding mental health that I could feature. I’d like to know which ones you’d be most interested in. See some options below. Or add something new! **Link to poll visible on desktop site** I will post the results in a week.

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Calling guest writers!

As you may know, this blog is about mental health especially as it pertains to women. I want it to include all illnesses, disorders, issues, which effect our mental health. I can write about the issues that I personally deal with (bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance) but I want to feature posts by writers who deal with all of the other mental health issues.

So, if you suffer from OCD, panic attacks, schizophrenia, borderline, PMS, major depression, narcissism, eating disorders, addiction, social anxiety, PTSD, or even just stress or burnout, I invite you to share anything you like that relates to your issue. It would improve my blog plus, you will get more exposure to your blog.

You can even “copy and paste” a post you’ve already published on your blog. And you can be male, female or other. Just contact me and I’ll email you the specifics. The Moody Mom thanks you in advance!

Anxiety & Depression Memes

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Addiction: My Story

I was surprised when I first learned that certain addictions were considered to be a mental illness by the medical community. I had thought of addictions as being about self-control and morals. Maybe genetics.

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Are You the Right Kind of Weird?

I saw this question posed and immediately thought “of course!” I have considered myself to be delightfully quirky for quite some time. I decided to Google the word “weird” and the result surprised me.

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