Slow down!

I have always gotten into trouble for speeding. On average, I get one speeding ticket per year. I’ve been driving over 30 years so that’s a lot!

This morning, Saturday, I was speeding along just going from one errand to the next and this popped into my head:

Slow down! Why are you in such a hurry? Save the speeding for when you’re really running late or an emergency!

So I slowed down. My heart was no longer racing. I felt calm. Peaceful.

It occurred to me that, while in every other aspect of life I am a cautious person, I enjoy speeding in the car for the adrenaline rush. The cheap thrill. Is it an addiction?

I don’t want an adrenaline rush from jumping out of a plane. You’ll never find me bungee jumping. In fact, I get scared easily when I’m a passenger in a car and the driver is doing anything risky.

I’m a chicken! So why all the speeding? Hmmmm

I also realize that I have been in the habit of waiting too late to leave the house to go somewhere, thereby requiring me to be in a hurry.

Have I been subconsciously seeking the adrenaline rush? What do you think?

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