So what works for depression?

I get asked this a lot. I have some hacks that you may have heard before but, maybe not. These are what work for me anyway…

  • Light- science has proven that light, especially sunlight, boosts your mood. For me, it energizes and makes me feel healthy. They make “happy lights” for indoors too.
  • Sleep- get plenty of quality sleep. 7-9 hours. But don’t stay in bed all day. That can make you feel worse.
  • Laugh- the act of laughter releases dopamine to your brain, making you feel better. I like to watch stand up comedy!
  • Exercise- now this is really effective. If you can muster up enough energy and motivation, go outside and walk briskly. Good for body & mind!
  • Eat healthy- fresh whole foods with nutrients make you feel better all over. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Mindfulness- google this. Or look at my previous post which features the mindfulness site which guides you through this.
  • Help someone- this will make you feel so good! It could be something small like buying a strangers coffee. Or call a friend or relative and talk only about them. Do not mention your mood. You can really help someone just by being there.
Yoga works!

4 thoughts on “So what works for depression?

  1. These are definitely the staples for working through any mental illness!

    For myself I like to listen to motivational podcasts in addition to the things you mentioned above. When I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel it’s good to get a new perspective!

    Also, I take a daily fish oil supplement.


    1. There are many things that help. And different things work for different people. I can’t believe I left off the list “music” because that is one of my favorite ways to help my mood


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