Just get over it!


When you’re “mental” whether it’s with an illness or disorder or you’re just feeling blue, do people expect you to just “get over it”? As if. Or can you?

It’s interesting that the mental health community seems to be divided on whether or not medication is a good idea. Click on the link above for some varied points of view 😀

So what works for depression?

I get asked this a lot. I have some hacks that you may have heard before but, maybe not. These are what work for me anyway…

  • Light- science has proven that light, especially sunlight, boosts your mood. For me, it energizes and makes me feel healthy. They make “happy lights” for indoors too.
  • Sleep- get plenty of quality sleep. 7-9 hours. But don’t stay in bed all day. That can make you feel worse.
  • Laugh- the act of laughter releases dopamine to your brain, making you feel better. I like to watch stand up comedy!
  • Exercise- now this is really effective. If you can muster up enough energy and motivation, go outside and walk briskly. Good for body & mind!
  • Eat healthy- fresh whole foods with nutrients make you feel better all over. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Mindfulness- google this. Or look at my previous post which features the mindfulness site which guides you through this.
  • Help someone- this will make you feel so good! It could be something small like buying a strangers coffee. Or call a friend or relative and talk only about them. Do not mention your mood. You can really help someone just by being there.
Yoga works!