Why I Hate Talking on the Phone

Ever since the invention of texting, I have hated talking on the phone. Texting is so me. Non-confrontational. Introverted.

I value my privacy. A ringing phone is such an annoyance. I’d say that when my phone rings, 90% of the time, it is interrupting something. I’m either driving or I’m busy or I’m deep in concentration mode.

I have ADHD. I cannot do two things at once. When I try to talk and drive, I either get lost, run a stopsign or get into a wreck.

I see women at the grocery store, pushing the cart with one hand, yacking on the phone with the other, while making funny faces at their baby. How. Is. That. Possible?

And the lag! When I talk to someone far away, there is a lag in timing. So you end up talking on top of each other.

And some people will talk your ear off. It’s so difficult to end a phone conversation. I never know what to say!

Anyone who knows me, knows not to call me. They text me. If they accidentally call me, I think it’s an emergency which makes me panic. But I still won’t pick up.

There is one exception. My 15 year old son. He’s not a texter. I takes his call every time.

What about you? Are you a talker or a texter?

7 thoughts on “Why I Hate Talking on the Phone

  1. Texter! When my phone rings, I scares me. Imagine reading or writing or whatever in complete silence. And then – with no warning – your phone interupts everything. I think that is rude! It feels intrusive to me , but that is me.

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