She was just being bipolar!

Recently, my boyfriend and I started a business. He does the work and I handle the marketing and the business side. We were spending a lot of time together. He was exhausted and stressed and he began to treat me like shit.

I was patient. But I felt hurt, taken for granted. Finally I blew up. I sent him several long texts over 2 days. I told him I was done. With the business and the relationship. I understand if your loved one is extremely anxious and tired, they may snap at you. But this was happening every day.

He finally apologized and we made up. Later when we talked about it, he said he understood why I’d quit because I was just “being bipolar”. But I wasn’t having an episode. My points were valid. Then he admitted to me when I had sent him those long, late night texts telling him how hurt I was….he hadn’t even read them.

Maybe I’d been a bit dramatic. But that’s my personality. That’s not my illness.

Will he ever take me seriously when I’m really happy, angry or sad?

Stereotypes of Bipolar Women

3 thoughts on “She was just being bipolar!

  1. Not exactly the same thing, but when I was pregnant with our child, my husband responded to a criticism I had with something like , “you’ll get over this as soon as your hormones level out.” No. It didn’t happen that way.


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