Calling guest writers!

As you may know, this blog is about mental health especially as it pertains to women. I want it to include all illnesses, disorders, issues, which effect our mental health. I can write about the issues that I personally deal with (bipolar, ADHD, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance) but I want to feature posts by writers who deal with all of the other mental health issues.

So, if you suffer from OCD, panic attacks, schizophrenia, borderline, PMS, major depression, narcissism, eating disorders, addiction, social anxiety, PTSD, or even just stress or burnout, I invite you to share anything you like that relates to your issue. It would improve my blog plus, you will get more exposure to your blog.

You can even “copy and paste” a post you’ve already published on your blog. And you can be male, female or other. Just contact me and I’ll email you the specifics. The Moody Mom thanks you in advance!

18 thoughts on “Calling guest writers!

  1. This is great! I’m excited to follow your blog. I’m glad your a voice for mental health! My church just started a Grief/Mental Health group that I’m now a part of. It’s been scary, but I’m really excited to see where it will be going. God bless!

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  2. I’d love to contribute. I have OCD something awful. I can laugh at it when it’s not too life interfering. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and was hospitalized for both for five months at the age 16. (Long ago) I learned coping strategies that changed my life there! Love your blog.

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  3. On my Site I made a page for contributions and just left the comments button open for that page and put a link at the top of my main page. So people can if they wish contribute. So far No one has. But My Site is Bluntly Christian in nature and I just started just over a month ago with the site. While posting on the internet since 2006 it wasn’t till recently that I was basically forced into making my site because Disqus was closing down so many sites and those with their own seemed so controlling. I never thought I would have to create so much content. LoL. As you likely find is hard to do as well. But if in the end someone gets something out of what you have posted good.
    I have a little song I found while looking for a the blessing. I wish I could connect it to when someone follows my site that it gets automatically sent as a thank you. Anyways, here is the short Utube video, I bet you will feel it through your soul. Crack it! and feel it in the bones of your soul.

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          1. LoL. is this your in house personality test. If Moody keeps asking the same question do you ) laugh and post again. B) Ignore the comment c) start yelling and post emojis.
            d) look for another like and make jokes about it.
            Here is my Utube site (the glut of utube videos I have collected over the years put into categories.) the video is at the bottom of my Music file.

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  4. I sent you a very long email just telling you a bit about some of my life struggles and life with several major mental health issues and conditions. I would love to pass on the knowledge I have gained through overcoming many obstacles and how to learn to live with the illness rather than spend every moment trying to fight it. fighting off the impulsive and harmful urges from certain conditions is critical but learning how to love your perfectly imperfect self is what will change ones life and can help give you strength to overcome whatever hardships these illnesses come with. I look forward to hearing from you after you have read my email. please let me know how I can help raise awareness, promote recovery and reduce stigma.

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    1. I wanted to add for anyone here that I just started a brand new blog. only have a few posts so far but there will be much more to come in the near future as I’m trying to organize my life story to help me with my book I’m writing. if we survive and make it through the fire we must help be part of the solution and be of support to others when these conditions/mental illness is painfully isolating and lonesome. so on that note feel free to check out what ive written so far at

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