Blogging: So How’s That Working Out For Ya?*

This is my fifth or sixth blog. My first was in 2011 on weebly. I didn’t know what a blog was. I thought it was like writing a book and each post should be a chapter. It got old and I gave up.

My next was a music blog on tumblr. It was fun to post a song with my comments. But it got almost no attention. So, as the song goes, “another one bites the dust”.

My next two blogs were on Facebook. They related to my career as an interior designer. But they were just “meh”.

Recently, I started this, The Moody Mom blog because I felt like I had a lot to share from my personal journey through the scary world of mental illness. This is my first “real” blog. I loved getting my custom URL and designing my own website!

With this blog I discovered that people who read blogs, mostly, are also bloggers themselves. So I’ve decided that in addition to topics related to women’s mental health, I will also post about blogging. Or maybe this will be a one-off post….we’ll see.

Not that I’m any kind of an expert on blogs, or even writing for that matter. I am moved on a regular basis by the high quality writing I see on blogs and I know that will never be my forte. But I have so much that I want to say, I’m gonna do this thing anyway! Maybe I can help someone, who knows?

It seems to me that there are a few types of bloggers:

  • Those who are writers. Some are promoting books or coaching. Some write beautiful poetry and short stories. It is their gift, so they write.
  • Those who are seeking attention in the form of likes, followers, etc. Nothing wrong with that.
  • The Stars who have “made it” in blogging, therefore can make money doing it, via ads, ebooks, and donations.
  • Those who seek a connection with others by creating interesting content or by sharing their personal stories.
  • Those who need a creative outlet which is user-friendly (Scrapbooking? You need an entire room of your house to devote to that!)
  • Those who wish to help others

I started The Moody Mom as the last type but have morphed into other categories since I began it in September 2019.

Image from Unsplash

At first, I didn’t think to put ads on my website. I saw them on other blog sites and assumed that you had to have thousands of followers before the “Ad Genie” would accept you.

Apparently not. So I’m experimenting with ads now. It still blows me away how the internet directs ads based on your interests. Is that why most of the ads I see are for “Silver Singles?”

Let me know how you feel about ads. I know they’re annoying. Yet today, while on my favorite recipe website, I saw an ad for some leather boots and actually clicked on it. Hmmm…

Let’s talk images. I am a visual person. Finding just the right image to post is big with me. I can find great images on google. But we’re only supposed to use copyright free images.

So I’ve started using stock photos. I’ve found beautiful pics of mountains, sunsets….but I like people in my images. Is it just me or are all of the people shown in stock photography 21 years old? And live in Europe?

Tell me, dear reader, is there any way to use pics appropriated from google images on a blog? Let’s say the pic came from Pinterest. Could I use it if I caption it “image from Pinterest?”

I’ve read lots of blogging tips. One was how you shouldn’t whine about your day to day problems. Because that’s not useful to anyone. I disagree. I sometimes enjoy reading these posts. Or I learn something. Maybe I see some of myself in this other blogger. Maybe I comment with a supportive word or two.

One thing that I love is that a blog can be a digital diary. You can go back and read how you were feeling at that time or what you were thinking about. So I say, go ahead and write about your day. If you’re sad, write it. Maybe no one will notice. Who cares? I love getting likes but it’s not a huge deal.

Here’s my blogging tip: start a social media account (I have a Facebook page) which your blog automatically posts to. I have gotten the majority of my followers this way.

I really do want to help women (or the men who love them) deal with mental health issues, and how relationships, families, and work come into play. And I do hope to grow my audience. So, if you have any feedback for me, please let me know. I appreciate it!

* thanks to Dr. Phil

20 thoughts on “Blogging: So How’s That Working Out For Ya?*

  1. Ads are definitely becoming WAY more targeted. I work in PR so I would know but I definitely see a lot more ads I would actually click on then I used to.


  2. I am still relatively new to blogging and I am still learning how to create my website. I used a template when I first began, I didn’t realize there were other options. Now, I’ve been trying to make it more creative but would become frustrated; I would stop and come back to it at a later date. I tried watching videos and contacting wordpress through the chat. Its become such a headache I feel like I should just leave it as is, readers still read my content so does it really matter?


    1. Probably doesn’t matter. I’m really picky and want it to look perfect. My problem is I’ll see someone else’s site and get an idea then want to change my site! It frustrates me that the themes have limitations. Like, if I want the color of a button to change but it won’t let me 😩


      1. I’m the same way. I’ve been frustrated with how to add menus to my site SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️. I see other people’s organized site and want to have it to where readers can navigate through my site.


        1. Do you have a theme? I chose a custom WordPress theme (template). It only lets me have one drop down menu at the top. And I get 3 other sort-of menus which are at the footer. They were difficult to configure. WordPress Help was helpful 😃


          1. I used a template as well I think it’s called airflight or something closely related. It gives me a home button, but I want to add a contact menu. WordPress was no help to me😣


  3. I wonder about pictures from Pinterest too. Sometimes I don’t find a source from them there but how can I credit the source then? You’re right about the pictures you find you can use 😂

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  4. If you’re searching in Google Images, just below the search bar on the far right click “tools”, and then click “usage rights” and select “labeled for reuse” and it will show you only the images that are freely available.


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