If God Loves Me, Why Does He Let Me Suffer From Mental Illness?

I am a spiritual person. My faith in God helps me tremendously in my life and my trials with mental illness. Some of you are with me, some are not and some are in between. The question above is one I’d like to attempt to answer for all of you.

This question is really the same as “why does God let bad things (i.e. natural disasters) happen to good people?”

A bit of my background: I am a born again Christian. I grew up in a religious family and we belonged to a Southern Baptist Church.

My family was very active in the church. I learned the Bible backwards and forwards. Before every family meal, we held hands, bowed our heads and one of us said the blessing. Even out in restaurants.

Baptists believe that the most important thing in your life is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To be “born again” means that you have accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you have confessed to Him that you are a sinner, you believe that He is the Son of God and you have invited Him to live within your heart.

Then you get baptized in front of the whole church and everyone throws a party for you afterwards. Why? Because once you are born again, you are promised the gift of eternal life by God. This is how you get into Heaven. Praise the Lord!

I no longer attend church but I still talk to God (pray), and worship Him daily. I also read the Bible and watch sermons on YouTube. Hopefully I will get back to church someday.

Back to the question. I’ll respond as per the knowledge I have as a Christian.

God does love you. He is your Father. Just like your biological father, your Heavenly Father (God) will discipline you out of love. What happened to you as a child when you reached up to touch the hot stove? Your father or mother slapped your hand! It hurt but you learned.

God will also test us from time to time. This is a method of guidance and teaching. It is a blessing that He cares enough to do this.

He never promised us that life would be easy. He never said if we did this or that, we would be happy or rich or anything. Being good doesn’t get you into heaven either.

Just look at what happened to the only perfect human being to ever live, God’s only Son, Jesus. He certainly was good. And faithful. Yet he was tormented, and died a humiliating, slow and painful death by being crucified. Why would God let this happen to His own Son?

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First of all, we as humans cannot understand the ways of our Lord Almighty because He is infinitely wise and we are but mere mortals. We have only the Bible, which contains the word of God, to go by.

Also, we are sinners. Much of our suffering is brought about by our own doing. Directly or indirectly. If we were obedient, we would likely lead lives of peace and contentment.

When God gave us His commandments, it was meant to help us. Also, the teachings of Jesus (see: The Sermon on the Mount) were meant to guide us. How basic is “treat others as you yourself would like to be treated”?

Humans have free will. We are able to decide what to do and what not to do. God made us this way out of love. Without free will, we would be like robots, Stepford wives, all living perfect lives in obedience. How fulfilling would life be to be a robot? I think you get my point.

The only reward that is promised to you by God is the gift of eternal life (heaven). There is no suffering, pain or illness in heaven. Hallelujah! See my explanation above on how to get to heaven.

So, mental illness is a terrible burden to live with. So many with it end up committing suicide. Some believe it’s worse than a physical illness because of the stigma and the discrimination that comes with it. I can’t tell you why God let you inherit or acquire a mental illness.

Know this: you can live with it. You can get help (see my “helpful resources” page in the main menu). And you can help others (specifically your friends and your children) cope by living your life as an example. And most importantly, while you will suffer for now, you will suffer no more in heaven!

If anyone would like to chat about mental illness, God, spiritually, please contact me. I won’t preach or try to convert you. I’m certainly not an expert on either subject. But I am your friend. Peace ❤️🙏😀

6 thoughts on “If God Loves Me, Why Does He Let Me Suffer From Mental Illness?

  1. I love this! Over the past several years I’ve lost two close friends to suicide, who I watched struggle with their mental illnesses. After losing them, I too began to struggle. I went off the deep-end… far far into the dark. I became dependent on “things” that made me feel “good” when in reality it was masking everything, making it worse. Since then, going on four years February, I’ve changed my life drastically and it’s all thanks for God. I’ve reconnected by worshipping each morning when I run and becoming more active in my community. I’ve even become a support group to a few employees of mine who, too, are struggling with what I’ve experienced.

    I’m proud of you and how you handle these day to day battles. I’m proud of you that you’ve never given up and you’ve trusted in Him.

    Keep it up! You’re inspiring more of us than you know.


  2. Hi, If you are available to stream in to my church on tomorrow I’d like to invite you to be my online guest. Our services are @ 10 am & 7pm (central time) http://www.therockwoi.com or Facebook live Reflections of Christ Kingdom or Youtube Apostle Dr. Dana Carson. I think you would enjoy the service.

    I would like to add to your post. God does not cause mental illness nor is it a punishment. Health and illness are caused by many factors, some due to genetics. Still, God is able to provided wholeness to the body and mind. How do I know? Because He’s kept my mind!

    Why does God allow suffering of any kind? When Adam disobeyed God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil sin entered the world through the bloodline of Adam. Adam was our federal and seminal head so when he fell (Genesis 3) all humanity fell. And, for us to have a relationship with God we must be born again and when He saves us He adds us to His church (Acts 2:47).


  3. I have a couple good Ops on cutting and depression on my site and a video of a guy named nick. Fact is God for the most part lets everyone suffer, lets every leave go brown and lets everything decay and everyone die. We all live in a short sprint dodging bullets through life and facing obstacles. Life isn’t bad for you its tough for us all. Each with their own issue. And I don’t think God singled any of us out. God only came as one man Jesus, we didn’t get a couple billion babies in a manger. But he does interreact to some degree but in reality this absence is not a new subject. Realizing even the priests back in the day wore special vests with special stones to figure out what God wanted. Its always been a struggle. But there are good times, and there are bad times. We just thank God we have an opportunity to get tiny glimpses of him now and an eternal life to come. Still with all the distance I can still say there is about a dozen events in my life I know God intervened and did something from a healing to helping me find someone. And likely there is a few hundred interventions I will never know about until that day. One key thing to do is take God off trial.

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