Are You the Right Kind of Weird?

I saw this question posed and immediately thought “of course!” I have considered myself to be delightfully quirky for quite some time. I decided to Google the word “weird” and the result surprised me.

This word’s first definition is “something supernatural or uncanny”. Then it goes on to mention ghosts, witches and other scary things. That’s not the kind of weird that I am. Although I have seen a ghost. Read about that by clicking this link here.

Checking Wiktionary, I found a more suitable definition “having an unusually strange character or behaviour.” OK that makes me sound less like a witch, more like that odd lady who has 25 cats and never leaves the house.

I find it funny that I, like so many young people, spent the first 22 or so years of my life trying to “fit in” and just be normal!

I’ll never forget the time when I was around 18, in college, and desperately trying to get into the popular clique in my dorm. Sitting with about ten of the popular girls, I blurted out something odd and the lead popular girl proclaimed “Adrienne, you’re so RANDOM.” And they all laughed at me. I was devastated. She looked like this:

Stock free image

Here is what I call weird: not normal, but usually better than normal. Different. Creative. Whimsical. Quirky! Who wants to be “normal” anyway? Normal is boring!

I knew I was unique but I was ashamed of that. Then I finally let my freak flag fly and came out as being weird.

So which kind of weird is good? Anything that makes you special, sets you apart, makes you stand out. It could be your red curly hair. It could be your thrift store wardrobe. Maybe you look normal but you have a talent, like guitar or voice and you aren’t afraid to show it. You don’t always go with the flow. You have personality! You are YOU and only YOU!

Be proud of who you are!

I used to live in Austin, Texas and there was a popular T-shirt there that read “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD”. That’s what I’m talking about! Here let me show you:

Not a copyright image…trust me

So don’t be afraid of your weirdness…embrace it! Just remember, is Bill Gates weird? Heck yeah. How about Kim Kardashian? Yep. Jennifer Aniston? She hides it but, she’s weird. (It takes one to know one.)

The night I met my boyfriend, I was in a karaoke phase, so in the car I sang along to some songs. He told me he really liked that I wasn’t afraid to be myself with him, a stranger. People like weird!

So tell me, friend, in what way are you weird? Hugs, 👍🏻😊🙏

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