Emotional Intelligence Test

Do you enjoy taking those short multiple choice tests that are all over the internet? Are you fascinated with human psychology? Want to know more about yourself? Me too!

This test is to measure your Emotional Intelligence. Being highly emotionally intelligent is so important for your mental wellbeing. If you get a lower score, you can find articles aplenty online on ways to improve your EI. If your score is high, hell, I’d put it on my resume! Click below to start.

**note: the test is free and gives you a snapshot of your results. But to get the full report, you’ll have to pay $6.95. Totally worth it!**

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20 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence Test

  1. So I was reading:
    Do you enjoy taking those short multiple choice tests that are all over the internet? Are you fascinated with human psychology? Want to know more about yourself?

    And I said to myself, No, not really. And then I read the next line. You said, Me too. LoL.. I delete all those tests but I have done a few personality tests, and they figure I don’t have one. But seriously, I did a “DISC” test and had the forms, this was years back and it was surprising that if you only used pencil and did the test at different times of the day you would find out you had a different mood or bent depending on the time.
    My Daughter is training her don’t and the trainer said that if the dog gets into a fight, the cortisol in the blood stays there for several days and so your dog is more prone to fight even hours or the next day after an altercation. I found the same with myself. If I get a short sleep my mood will change but still, regardless I am not the same person until I get over it. So I take precaution if I have been in an accident or argument or confronted knowing that I am more likely to start a confrontation and be harsh.
    As for personalities, Some people calculate what is said to them differently. Their personality is thwarted by their perception built on beliefs they have and a over protective self.
    So people will change who they are on a dime and you wonder where did that come from. Some trigger did it.
    Anyways, interesting blog.


      1. yes, I took the test. I got 73. I did not find the test to be that good. I have taken many before. Going through a divorce we both fought for the kids, and we both had to do some extensive testing. it was all uncalled for and harassment really, but I did them and they where far more complex and able to pick out perception of things. The problem with these tests are that they do not properly diagnose behaviour and the DSM-5 describes behaviours we all do in varied amounts but the DSM 5 is more about extremes and not many people act with such blatant behaviours.
        One example is taking offence. there are so many factors. how your life is going, who it is that is causing you offence, if its at your job or at your home, if you have eaten, if you are financially set etc. We are complex people.
        I think generally we all will do what is best for ourselves first and avoid danger in its complex forms and only heavy mental dysfunction will vary that. Anyways. Most of us, even our dog knows when we are happy and sad.


        1. Good observations. Thank you! Yeah these little tests are more for fun. I also took the borderline personality test and got a pretty high score. But I already knew that many bipolar characteristics cross over with borderline so I’m not too worried!


          1. I’d like to blog about borderline as well as OCD and PTSD. when I started my blog I was planning on covering each mental illness. But when I tried to write, I realized I was doing a crappy job because I don’t have any experience with those disorders. What I wrote seemed like the Cliffs notes to an article in Newsweek. No soul. That’s why I’m looking for guest writers! So far I’ve had lots of people express interest in writing but only one actually send me something. Slackers! Lol


          2. I don’t have a degree to speak specifically on the different disorders and frankly think they are a bit clinical and lack the feet on the ground reality.
            I deal with a Schizophrenic all the time. And I see why they call him that, but he is as normal as you or I.
            The same goes for most of the things like Depression and Anxiety and OCD and such. Its another thing if your delusional and have multiple personalities. Thats real disorder, the rest is more like pop Psychology, Championing the inner child and Defence mechanism and Self esteem issues. And unless there is a serious chemical imbalance influencing your mood and thoughts the use of Clinical Psychology is over rated.
            That said, if someone is depressed and they had a bad time, a loss of job, a miscarriage, they can get stuck. And there can be a need for intervention do fix a depression and then people are fine after that. Like a Mechanic, professions determine if its just the air filter or if the engine needs new plugs.


          3. I have bipolar. It’s a mood disorder. I’ve battled it for many years. Bipolar is a very serious illness. High rate of suicide. I can tell you from my experience, it’s not something one can just overcome. You can meditate all day long, eat a raw vegan diet, surround yourself only with living supportive people and puppies and you’re still gonna have bipolar. There’s no pop psychology here. Whether it’s a chemical imbalance, they really don’t know for sure. My theory (this only applies to me) I experienced trauma and neglect as a young girl. My father committed suicide. My mother was a narcissist. From the age of 14, I was on my own. I abused drugs and alcohol very early on. All of these things combined caused brain damage. I’ve done a great deal of research into this and found many scientists who support my theory. A child or adolescent who is harmed in some way, can be brain damaged for life. Because their brains aren’t fully formed yet. Brain damage causes mental illness. Someday they’ll prove all of this but for now, it’s guesswork. So society likes to delegitamize mental illness. Stereotype and stigmatize. Many many people believe mental illness is moral weakness or a cry for attention. I’ll stop but one more thought: I’ve spent thousands of dollars on treatment, taken between 6-8 meds a day every day for 20 years. I have to see my dr every 3 Day Blinds months. I can’t drink alcohol. I can’t stay up late partying with my friends. You get the point. Why would I do all that if my illness wasn’t very real and very serious? I’d give anything to be normal!

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          4. Thats the thing with the DSM-5 , It gives a diagnosis but the terms cover everyone and its the Acute case or heavier symptoms that make it what it is, but generally everyone has a bit of it.
            Everyone gets depressed, and has some mood swings, but some have more and so they call it an illness.
            There is studies going on now that say chemicals being created by your fecal matter are different so they have people in getting fecal transplants to see if they can change things. Any time you have some chemical, alcohol or drug in your system things will be different and every system is slightly different.
            I think the first thing for any mental health is to know when your not at your best and feel Anxious or depressed or Angry or way on the top of the world and its not the way it should be. I think there is a greater tolerance then their has been for people having trouble. It Angers me that they used to shock the living crap out of people thinking they could set things right with a bit of electricity. like thanks for nothing. I know a few who had that done, And one lady who had a lobotomy. To me, thats way to far. People are to important, to valuable to be treating them like a tire they can beat on. Yet it was those guys writing these books, with no explanations. I think we should give everyone some dignity, keep the hands off the jumper cables and realize people have had trama. people have lingering Anxiety and ptsd, and chemical imbalances and trouble in life.
            So while I get you have a illness, to a degree I think that is not your skin, its not the contents of you. Its a bent or issue like having a a short neck or really long legs but a bit more complex. I have a friend with CP, and they had to put steel rods in his back cause his muscles made it such he couldn’t sit up. Yes, he has a disorder, but He is still him. But the wheel chair and the disability is something he has to live with. I got to give him credit. So, no harm no foul, I get it people have disabling issues, but people are far more than their handicap. And many times its not even an issue. His is pretty severe, but still, he can give you Hockey stats better than most hockey players.,. but he cant walk.


  2. oh, and:
    DiSC is a personality assessment that provides insights into an individual’s natural and adaptable behavioral styles in relation to their workplace, leadership style, management approach, sales style and other situations. The DiSC Profile is a blend of four primary personality or behavioral styles and their relationship to each other.


          1. I’m not familiar with any of those you mention. I grew up Southern Baptist. Have attended Presbyterian, Methodist and various bible churches.
            Last night I somehow found a piece online about how Kanye West was going to perform at the mega church in Houston where Joel Osteen is the head honcho. I made a few comments and before I knew it, 45 minutes had gone by and I was in a one-on-one with one of Osteen’s biggest fans. This person was being really rude to me. Of course, I kept my composure. Then this morning checking my email, I had like 10 alerts that people had commented on my comments. Well, I had to look at them! Before I know it, an hour has passed and I’m once again being slammed by fervent Osteen lovers! Lol. I literally said out loud “Adrienne, put the phone down!” I guess when it comes to religion I get pretty passionate and opinionated. Not saying I have all the answers or that I’m an expert on that. Far from it. But I do have strong beliefs!


          2. LoL. Oh, Joel, he is on TV every Sunday. He is more of a motivational speaker than a preacher. It appears if you were to ask him about Sin, he would say, well, i don’t like to phrase it that way, People rather I say, that they are yet to find their full potential. LoL. in an attempt to avoid offence he has watered down Jesus so much I wonder if Jesus could walk on water any more. He is now one with the water and the water is one with me.
            Each to his own. I am more of strait shooter.

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          3. That’s exactly what I was saying on that message board! Kanye West performed at a prison in Houston on Saturday. In case u don’t know, Kanye is a Christian and he just recorded a praise rap album. I love him. So on that site I say “God bless Kanye for bringing the word to those inmates! Too bad he has to hang out with Joel Osteen on Sunday”. Well that opened the hornet’s nest! People saying like “Joel has changed my life! Keep your evil idiotic self off this page!” Stuff like that. So I gently point out that I’m sure he did change your life. No problem there. But he claims to be a Christian pastor and he’s not preaching directly from the word. He’s more like a psychologist spreading a feel-good message….”. Man, I just got ripped apart! But also a few folks agreed with me so that was nice. I enjoy a lively debate! Just so long as people act like adults

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          4. I did a short op a few days ago about kanye. I didn’t like the guy before. I found him snide, pretentious and vulgar. But, who am I to stomp on him if he is trying to become or is a christian. It would be a shame to run him over with a Bus because of who he was. It sort of goes against everything Christianity stands for. What do we have that we haven’t ourselves received. It would make us very pretentious.
            I just hope he doesn’t become a know it all thinking he can lead when he is just a baby christian. And from what I see, I think he realizes he has already bit off more than he can handle and has had to bring in a lot of help to manage being a Artist and now having to be a “christian artist” . I think he should not expect so much of himself and just cool his jets. It takes time to get to know Christ. And it takes time to figure out what is an appropriate way to bring your gifts. The whole intention of Worship is a huge issue. I have played Piano in church. I used to pick the songs and there is 4 stages of worship. Its more complex than people realize. So he really needs to educate himself in the lord and in the roll of being a songster in the church.


          5. He’s been holding church services in Hollywood for years. Gospel choir. He’s brought many celebrities to Christ. His wife is also doing great things to help inmates and parolees. This is what America needs! Two of the most famous people on the planet who were formerly all about greed and profanity, convert to Christ! How much more influential can it get? Huge celebrities are extremely powerful in that regular people worship them. They’ll use whatever toothpaste Kanye uses or they’ll wear the same socks etc. So now, will they too pick up a Bible? Listen to a sermon? You bet they will

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