The Moody Mom Poll

Thanks so much to all of you who voted on my poll which asked “What topics interest you the most?” The results surprised me!

These are the top five topics that you chose:

1. Personal stories from The Moody Mom

2. & 3. (Tied) Anxiety and Psychology

4. Depression

5. Therapy

Gee, I’m flattered that you would like more of my real-life stories! I do have quite a few juicy ones to share. Stay tuned…

I will use more than just the top five for inspiration. Because this blog is for you…and a little for me. But mostly for you!

Hugs, 😀❤️💥🙏

6 thoughts on “The Moody Mom Poll

  1. I agree perspective

    We can get into sharing symptoms and that leads to suffering

    If I share a personal story of experiencing abuse, I share the effort to heal and change the traumas impact

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