Christmas Angst

Merry Christmas y’all! I’m all alone so message me and I’ll send you a Christmas surprise. Use my Contact Me form on 🎄🎄🎄

17 thoughts on “Christmas Angst

        1. Well my son chose to spend Christmas with his dad. So tomorrow morning he’ll swoop in and open his presents then promptly go back over to dads. Meaning I get about an hour of family time this Christmas. Bah humbug!


          1. I haven’t given fabulous enough attention. I liked what I saw so far tho! I’ll have to check out Youper. At first I thought you’d written “grouper” and I was gonna go “ewww gross! Me no like fish!”


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you manage to enjoy your day even though you’ll be on your own. Have you got anything special planned for yourself that you enjoy?


        1. Pretty rocky. It’s almost over tho! Thanks so much for asking ❤️. You’re a caring person.
          Tonight I wrote a blog post for Medium all about today. If it gets published I’ll put a link to it here on my blog. How was your Christmas?

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          1. My Christmas was very relaxing. I don’t have my girls for Christmas either so I had to make sure I had things to do through the day. I had a few little tears in the morning but it worked out in the end.


          2. I feel for you sweetie. They say to get together with friends if you’re going to be alone on Christmas. But I just didn’t want to. I’d feel like I was crashing their family festivities. But yeah, planning ahead with things to do is very good. Keeps you out of your own head

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