Five Lessons I Wish My Parents Learned About ADHD Medication

A Guest Post by Sandy Pace

 Medication is a very helpful tool for dealing with ADHD. The following five examples are a great way to get that healthy approach from the perspective of a child (Now an adult) whose parents denied medication and refused to acknowledge ADHD as a valid medical condition

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Psychiatric Meds: Good or Bad?

If you take any medication for your mental health, you’ve probably heard some of these: “you don’t need to take that”, “those drugs are dangerous “, “I don’t believe in taking that stuff”, or “do you really want to be addicted to those meds?”

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Just get over it!

When you’re “mental” whether it’s with an illness or disorder or you’re just feeling blue, do people expect you to just “get over it”? As if. Or can you?

It’s interesting that the mental health community seems to be divided on whether or not medication is a good idea. Click on the link above for some varied points of view 😀