Helpful Resources

Ask for help…keep looking until you find it

Finding mental health help is not easy or inexpensive in America. Even if you have great insurance, you’ll still pay a co-pay, it can be difficult to find doctors and therapists you like, and many providers do not accept insurance at all. Here are a few resources you can try:

The Department of Health and Human Services website has a search tool to find local clinics and practitioners who are low cost and/or take Medicaid. I searched my zip code and found one LCSW who charges on a sliding scale for therapy.

Mental Health America is a good guide to getting help, finding support and getting screened.

Dont deny is dedicated to getting fair mental health treatment (for those with medical insurance.)

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is an organization dedicated to education, awareness and legislative reform. They also have support groups across the country.

To find low-fee psychotherapy go to The American Psychoanalytic Association site and click on “find help”. This is only in major cities however.

Another source for low cost therapy providers is The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

To find out if you qualify for Medicaid, the federal government funded healthcare program, which includes behavioral health, go to I’m not 100% certain, and it’s not easy to figure out from their website, but I believe this is what we call “Obamacare” and if you have no income, it’s free.

How can you get care if you don’t qualify for Medicaid but you don’t have insurance? This article has several ideas on what you can do. There isn’t a magic solution here I’m afraid. But it’s better than nothing.

For therapy, if you have around $45 per week and, like me, you like the convenience of text therapy, go to Better Help which is an app and a website. They will match you to a licensed counselor and you get unlimited texting. You may also pay a bit more for a weekly phone session. I did this and found a wonderful therapist! She always texted me back within 6-12 hours.

I have found that local hospitals, universities and other institutes can sometimes be your best bet at finding free to low cost psychiatric care and/or therapy. Go online, and search for “mental healthcare” and your city. Or search using your particular illness (i.e. search “anxiety Dallas”) because there could be a facility dedicated to just that specialty.

When paying for prescription medications, especially if you do not have insurance, try using the GoodRx app (available on iOS and Android phones). It gives digital coupons which can save you money. Also, choose generic meds when available.

And finally, if you’re in a crisis there are several hotlines open 24/7 where you can at least talk to a trained counselor. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255.

Another is the Text Crisis Line. You can get help via text by sending the message “hello” to this number 741741.

Or just google “mental health crisis” to find help.

I’m not a trained mental health professional but, I am a decent listener. I’m here for you, if you need to talk, text, chat…just use my Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you soon! Hugs, ❤️🙏👩‍💻