If God Loves Me, Why Does He Let Me Suffer From Mental Illness?

I am a spiritual person. My faith in God helps me tremendously in my life and my trials with mental illness. Some of you are with me, some are not and some are in between. The question above is one I’d like to attempt to answer for all of you.

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The Moody Mom Talks Politics…

How much of a problem is mental illness in America?

• 57.8 million Americans are living with mental illnesses (including addictions) in 2019. That’s over 17% of the population.

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Reaching the Top of Your Pyramid

I met a man who was going through a very difficult time in his life. He was intelligent, funny, handsome. We had similar backgrounds and families. But he had lost his job, his home, and all of his possessions due to few bad decisions and even more bad luck. But none of that mattered to me. I was crazy about him.

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Guest Post: Top 10 Ways to Turn a Negative Into a Positive

With an attitude adjustment, you can frame any negative situation into something positive and give your mental health a boost. These tips, which I learned from the incredible writer Brian Pennie, are so powerful! Read about it in my first guest post on The Very Best Top 10

Love, Adrienne ❤️