Mental vs Physical Illness: How People Treat You

How come people with mental illness are treated differently than people with physical illness? You would never hear someone say to a person with cancer, “oh cheer up…everything will get better!” The article above has some great memes that are spot on.

They mean well but…

No, you’re not crazy….

It only feels that way!

Hi. I’m Adrienne and I have been dealing with mental health issues since I was 14. Currently, I am diagnosed with bipolar II, ADHD inattentive type and anxiety. But always subject to change! I have seen 4 psychiatrists over the years and so many therapists I lost count.

As The Moody Mom. I want to provide a safe place where we can share our stories, cry, and laugh together! Whether you have a legit illness or just feel a bit loony from time to time, I am here to help you.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts or experiences in the comments. Or send me a message…I promise to reply!

God bless, Adrienne ❤️

Suicide: Know What to Say

Suicide prevention experts: What you say (and don’t say) could save a person’s life 
If someone you care about is thinking about suicide, here’s what to do. *Suicide Lifeline: 800-273-8255*