I Have Been Cheating on You….

You, my Facebook and WordPress followers. I have been working on getting published on Medium.

There! Now you know…and I’m just a bad Moody Mom!

But really, have you checked out Medium? It is an app and a website. Go there. Search for a topic. Enjoy. Just remember where you came from! Here, is a link:

My Medium Profile

My first impression of Medium was that the “articles” or “stories” were of top quality. And indeed, most that I have read were written by professionals in their field or “real” writers.

Then I figured out that Medium is like a WordPress in that anyone can sign up and post things. So I did just that.

But no one was finding my articles. No one was “clapping”(that’s Medium lingo for “liking”).

Then I dug deeper. In order to get attention there, you have to get published by one of the big Publications on Medium.

There’s also something about being Curated by Medium and that leads to Medium featuring your piece in their daily feed or whatever it’s called.

So, publications: Some are managed by Medium. Some are independent and have their own URL. For example, my favorite mental health publication is Invisible Illness. Check it out

Invisible Illness

In order to get published you need to submit a writing sample to the publication. Then once you’re approved you can submit articles to that publication. Then maybe, you’ll be published. But it ain’t easy!

So I have been polishing up my samples and….I have been approved by some publications. Then yesterday….,

I was approved by Invisible Illness!

Please excuse me, I must get back to working on my story for II. If you’ve read my Moody Mom posts, it’s one you’ve heard before. Only now there are no conjunctions and no sentences which end in prepositions.

This writing thing is hard!

Hugs, 😀❤️🙏💥

Treatment Resistant Depression

When you’ve tried standard depression meds but they do not work, you may have Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD). Definitions vary but it means that you have tried 2 to 6 medications with no luck. Fortunately, there are more options for you.

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