Do you avoid confrontation?

I loathe confrontation. It triggers my anxiety. To me, a confrontation is a potential fight. I’d rather pull out my own teeth than fight.

Plus I have the tendency to burst into tears during a fight. I can completely lose my shit.

But to avoid something important will only make things worse. Here are some helpful tips.

Confrontation 101: a Shrink’s Perspective

Mental illness and relationships

My top 2 main wants in a relationship are sexual attraction and nurturing.

I think most people understand the need to feel attracted to your partner. But when I say that I “want to be taken care of”, or nurtured, I get a lot of push back.

As women, we’re taught to be independent. We don’t need no man! And I’m fine with that. After my divorce, I’ve been single for 8 years and happy.

But whenever I am dating a man, I like for him to do traditional gentlemen things. Be romantic. Show concern for me. Help me with things. I don’t expect money. Would be nice but no.

And I would take care of him too. I love doing that! Nurturing.

Mental people tend to have more divorces, more relationship problems with partners, family, coworkers, etc. Is my desire to be nurtured a symptom of my illness?