Is Your Job Making You Sick?

I worked at a small family owned business for almost 5 years. The management there was just awful. Drama, micromanaging, plenty of blame and almost no support….I heard “you did a good job” twice in four years.

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Mindfulness: What’s All the Hype About?

The practice of mindfulness teaches us a different way to relate to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they arise. It is about learning to approach and acknowledge whatever is happening in the present moment, setting aside our lenses of judgement and just being with whatever is there, rather than avoiding it or needing to fix it. (Source: Medium)

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When someone tells you they’re suffering: what’s the right thing to say?

A few months ago, before The Moody Mom was hatched, I was looking for a volunteer gig where I could take what I’d learned from my own experience with mental illness and help others. I heard about a text crisis line. So I signed up to become a volunteer crisis counselor.

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